We combine communications strategies with superior design quality. Strong brands are created when a company’s content, design and positioning are integrated.

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How we support environmental protection and sustainability

Molière summed it up: »Things only have the value that we give them«. Water certainly can’t be taken for granted. Although the people that use it are all too seldom aware of that fact. It’s what we wanted to express with the design of our water jugs.


The Martin et Karczinski water jugs are not just a stylish give-away, they are also a symbol of our everyday ecological and economical awareness. Rather than transport water over thousands of kilometres across Europe, at Martin et Karczinski we enjoy high quality Munich tap water. Wording to reflect this – imprinted in a star shape on the water jugs – expresses the agency’s clear commitment to sustainability.

Martin et Karczinski shows commitment
We have been supporting our clients’ success for more than 20 years. However, our vision of corporate conduct also includes a commitment to people who need help. Taking responsibility is a permanent element of our values at Martin et Karczinski.
A cosmopolitan outlook takes on a new guise: Open Kindl
A cosmopolitan outlook takes on a new guise: Open Kindl

In recognition of diversity and a cosmopolitan outlook in Munich, Martin et Karczinski launched an exceptional campaign in 2015. With the motto ›Mir san mehr!‹ [We are more in Bavarian dialect], the ›Open Kindl‹, or ‘open child’ communicates how enriching all the world religions and lifestyles are for our city. It was developed from the ‘Munich child’ monk figure on the city’s coat of arms. We would be delighted if you would support our campaign.


Stronger together: One + One = Three
Stronger together: One + One = Three

Millions are invested in the communications sector every year. We develop content and design to support intellectual and material growth in the western world. But the people born in the supposedly ›wrong‹ place often miss out. We are supporting aid projects under the motto ›One + One = Three‹. And we’re proving it: When it comes to commitment, two partners working together is greater than the sum of the individuals. Read about some of our most exciting projects here. Please support us!


Brands Compendium

›Branding Interface‹ by Martin et Karczinski examines the secret of successful brands in the field of tension between design and strategy.


Compliance Study

The ›Communications potential in the compliance systems of German companies‹ study reveals astonishing gaps within companies. And highlights best practices in international concerns.

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Buy art. Give hope.

Every year, the designers of Martin et Karczinski create unique pieces of art that can be purchased by auction. The proceeds are doubled by Martin et Karczinski and donated to charity.
Like every year, the 2016 auction took place on Facebook. This way, already 47.240 € could be raised – an amazing sum. This year the ›Care Village Manas‹ in Kyrgyzstan will benefit from the donations.