As a globally acting corporation and automotive manufacturer, AUDI AG sets the most stringent demands in terms of efficiency and quality. In this interview, Chief Compliance Officer Dietmar Will talks about the collaboration with Martin et Karczinski on internal communication in the corporate area of »Governance, Risk & Compliance«.

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Born in Hannover, Dietmar Will studied law and joined the industrial relations and HR systems division of AUDI AG in Ingolstadt in 1992. In 1995, he moved to the company’s Central Legal Service. From 2000 to 2009, he was responsible for legal consultancy in HR as well as audit of AUDI AG. In November 2008, he was appointed as the group’s Chief Compliance Officer. Since February 2011, as head of Governance, Risk & Compliance, he has been reporting directly to the Chair of the Board at the organisational level. At the beginning of 2013, Dietmar Will was also appointed as money laundering officer for the Audi Group.

Dear Mr Will, what is a typical working day like in the life of the Chief Compliance Officer at Audi ?
Once I have dropped my daughter off at daycare, I generally start work between 8.00am and 8.30am. I have various meetings throughout the day with my project managers, because we don’t have a team structure. But the interaction with our specialist departments is varied and intensive. Because of our numerous affiliated companies worldwide, who need a lot of support via local visits, I also have to be very mobile. We are also in regular exchange with numerous companies so that we can keep abreast of what’s happening.
How did you find out about the Martin et Karczinski agency – and what was your first impression of Peter Martin and Daniel Karczinski? 
Because it is my personal conviction that the key to compliance is internal communication, we looked around for a strong partner from the outset to give us the right strategic impetus. In response to a tender, Martin et Karczinski was clearly in the running.
What sets the partnership apart, what makes it something special? 
As well as things like great commitment, meeting deadlines and being good team players, it’s the constantly inspirational ideas and impetus. Whether and what can be implemented in corporate practice is one thing, but they always provide fantastic input. Compliance is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, not many agencies are able to translate this at an aesthetically high level, including in internal corporate communications.
What do you mean – why is that?
Compliance is generally seen to be close to auditing and so is not very attractive per se, perhaps it’s not meant to be attractive either. We are trying to change that.
What are the particular challenges in compliance communication, and how has Martin et Karczinski met these challenges?
The particular challenge is to portray a subject that is perceived as negative in a way that gets through to people. We need to make the decision-makers aware of a lot of important information. We have to feed soundbites that are appetising and easily digestible, but at the same time they can’t be too extravagant. We work very constructively together on this every day.