Bernd Gruber, one of Austria’s most important design brands, is being advised by Martin et Karczinski. In this interview, Bernd Gruber explains what makes the partnership with the agency so extraordinary.

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More than 20 years ago, the entrepreneur Bernd Gruber took over  his father’s carpentry business and build it up into Bernd Gruber quality workshops, with his own studio and a showroom with an international format.

What challenge did you face when you started working with Martin et Karczinski?

We started working together because of my company’s goal of focusing increasingly on a quite particular clientele. As part of that, we needed to define our core competences – and then direct the valuable inside of the Bernd Gruber brand to the outside world.

How did you find out about Martin et Karczinski?

The further development of Bernd Gruber as a company gave birth to a desire to redirect our CI. The more I thought about it, the clearer it became that it needed to be of exceptional quality. We couldn’t do it on a local level. An advertisement for Occhio brought Martin et Karczinski to my attention. Occhio’s highly professional website made me feel this could be the quality I was looking for.

What was your first impression of Martin et Karczinski?

I really appreciated the fact that Peter Martin and Daniel Karczinski came to Kitzbühel themselves for our first meeting together. During our very detailed discussions, I was impressed by their very noticeable professionalism – but also their friendly approach which was strongly evident.

Are you pleased with the results of the work?

Our expectations were one hundred per cent met in every aspect. Both Bernd Gruber and Martin et Karczinski work at a high level. That made the partnership easier. Of course there was the odd challenge here and there along the way. But Martin et Karczinski kept exploring what we wanted – while never deviating from their own strictly structured route. You can see the results. Nothing was left to chance. No one could have better expressed how we think and work at Bernd Gruber than the team at Martin et Karczinski. This highly personal, unusual and reduced aesthetic – that is precisely our style.