Design Director
Simon Maier-Rahmer

»Generally speaking, a feeling for design and technical capabilities are two opposite poles that good design moves between.«

Simon Maier-Rahmer, Design Director

»I know about balance from dancing as well. When you dance, you have to deal with emotion as well as technique. A truth that has always helped me a lot in my daily work as a Team Leader at Martin et Karczinski.


Working here, you take on a lot of responsibility from the beginning, but in return you are truly perceived and valued as a human being with a complete and individual personality. And for me personally: I always try to remain open and curious, and to expand my horizons. My CV shows that. I have studied in Stuttgart, Basel and Schwäbisch Gmünd – not just in different places and faculties, but across disciplines too, such as design, freestyle painting, graphic art and practical visual communication. The individual need for progressive further development is the other thing that brings us together us within Martin et Karczinski.«