This is the fifth year that Martin et Karczinski has been Lufthansa’s leading agency, advising on its corporate design. In this interview, Lufthansa’s Head of Marketing, Alexander Schlaubitz, speaks about the cooperation between the two organisations

Alexander Schlaubitz, Head of Marketing, Lufthansa
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After graduating in business studies from the University of Missouri, Alexander Schlaubitz gained his first professional experience with a number of companies in the USA. In 2001, he moved to the global advertising agency Leo Burnett and in 2003 to the communications agency Change Communications. Three years later, Alexander Schlaubitz became Marketing Director of Intel Corporation in Munich, responsible for Europe, the Middle East and Africa before taking up the same position at Facebook in 2011. Today, Alexander Schlaubitz is Head of Marketing at Lufthansa.

Mr. Schlaubitz, how did you find out about us?

Your agency first came to my attention due to your connection with Audi. I still remember the high level of branding in their Governance, Risk & Compliance business unit. I recognise that you have a particularly subtle approach to brands – and a perception that goes right to the heart of the matter.
What was it for you that tipped the scales in favour of working with us?

It was our discussions; right from our very first meetings with Peter Martin and his team, it was clear to me that we were dealing with a strong prospective partner – and on an equal footing, in the most positive sense of the term. Also remarkable, however, was the holistic brand concept and an approach to design that means the content always develops from one standpoint. On top of this multidimensional perspective come coherent concepts, and we can always be confident that they are based on a solid footing. I find this overall context extraordinarily compelling.
What does the future hold?

I am looking forward to future projects. We started out at a high level, so I am excited to see how it will get even higher!
You worked as a director for Facebook; in general terms, what challenges does Lufthansa face in terms of brand communication?

Never before have I worked for a brand with so many internal and external touchpoints – and yet one that at the same time has an overall design model that is 25 years old. People and agencies all around the world want to associate with our brand and this presents a whole host of challenges. So our new approach here is to educate, identify what is worth protecting and explain why. At the same time, a certain amount of control, precision and clarity on our part is needed, which we are currently still working on.