Since the end of 2010, Martin et Karczinski has been helping the McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Foundation to raise awareness for its biggest causes in Germany.

Katrin Bergmann, Communications Director, McDonald's Kinderhilfe Foundation
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As well as a distinctive visual image, the portfolio of consultancy includes a commemorative publication to celebrate Kinderhilfe’s  25-year anniversary. With the title »A Quarter of a Century«, 25 people talk about a time when their life was touched by the foundation.

In this interview, Katrin Bergmann, Communications Director at the McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Foundation, talks about the partnership.
What has been your experience with Martin et Karczinski?
The Martin et Karczinski team is creative and professional, it is a very happy partnership. In particular, the idea behind the commemorative publication, doing it differently from everyone else, really impressed me both creatively and personally. It is not a boring book about our history, instead it represents every aspect of the foundation’s work through the 25 people who are interviewed.
How happy are you with the result?
The book is complete – and a lot of copies have already been distributed. Everyone who has seen this commemorative publication says the same thing: it’s a great and entertaining read that is attractive both in terms of content, and from a purely visual perspective. The large photos of the people allow the reader to build up a connection, which the experiences that are described only deepens.
What was the response to the commemorative publication within the organisation?
Important people throughout McDonald’s are full of praise. It was met with great enthusiasm and there were very positive comments from the senior management of McDonald’s itself as well as from our chairman and from the board of the foundation. We are happy to pass this praise on.